Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 21

Kane's back.
We're hanging out right now.

I want to try to give a numerical description of how awesome it is to hang out with Kane.

My happiness from all of my combined birthdays over 21 years= 100*
My happiness from drinking an iced caramel Latte=10
My happiness from meeting a new person=-50
My happiness from beating a pompous know-it-all at "Boggle"=300
My happiness from finding out that one of my roommates unexpectedly cleaned the kitchen while I was gone= 600**
My happiness from hanging out with Kane tonight=2000

You might say, "Wow, Chris, does this mean what I think it means?"

Of course it does: I like hanging out with Kane 40 times as much as the opposite of meeting a new person. And that's saying something.

*This may seem like an overall low score for all my combined birthdays. According to the chart, all my birthdays=ten iced caramel lattes in terms of happiness. Keep in mind that I don't remember birthdays 1-3. And I vomited during at least 75% of birthdays 4-15. And when I turned nine my family had a party at the YMCA swimming pool and I was afraid of water. Also, my birthday is three days before Christmas, so everyone except my parents always give me "combined" Christmas and birthday gifts which essentially means that no one gives me birthday gifts.
**As of this writing, this is value is theoretical. None of my roommates have ever cleaned the kitchen all the way. They have each made attempts, but no one has ever finished. The high score goes to Kenny who once put all of the dishes in the dishwasher but forgot to start it. <--this may be untrue.

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