Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 5 **special extended version**

It was about ten p.m. and we were all sitting in the kitchen lamenting the fact that we haven't gotten to see Kane a whole lot. (This is totally true.) And then he walked through the front door.

I had been practicing Latte Art, so Kane came in and did a few free-pours before starting his homework.

Having Kane practice Latte Art in my kitchen is sort of equivalent to having Pablo Casals play cello in my kitchen. (If Pablo Casals weren't dead, that would have been a better comparison.)

Similarities Between Pablo Casals and Kane:
Neither are very tall.
Both can speak Spanish. (really...Kane speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese. Sometimes when he talks to his fiance on the phone and I am in the room he will speak Spanish so I can't tell what is going on.)
Both are noted lovers of democracy.

Differences between Pablo Casals and Kane:
Pablo Caslas died in 1973 whereas Kane is still alive.
Pablo Casals was the world's most brilliant cello player but Kane is only "pretty decent" at the violin.

Similarities between Chris Heiniger and Kane (I will add more as they become apparent):
1.We both wear these big poofy vests.

Kane's piece of wisdom for the day:
Kenny said, "I want to buy a new coffee grinder with my tax refund, but I may just save the money." To which, Kane responded "Son, you can use that for essentials. You can stock up on toilet paper."

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