Tuesday, February 10, 2009

March 17th!

Dudes all over Louisville (specifically, Darren) will mourn on March 17th. Because on March 17th Lyssa Drummond will marry Kane Holbrook. And then Kane will have way less time to hang out with all of his single dude friends, making their lives all that much more lonely. Darren will literally be so sad that borrowing Michael Poindexter's clothes will no longer have any meaning.

I am created this Limited Time Blog to commemerate the last month of Kane being single, a month he has chosen to spend sleeping on the floor of the office on the second floor.(Actually, not just sleeping on the floor. During the day, he can literally do anything he wants to.)

This blog is for the people like Darren who will never have the chance to live with Kane, so they can share in my experience.

This may be also useful for Kane's future permanent roommate (Lyssa), in case Kane has any habits that she did not become aware of during their 14 years of dating.

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