Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 4

Kane moved in Saturday. He has the least stuff of anyone I know.
Total Inventory of All Kane's Possessions:
A duffel bag full of clothes
About 100 books
"The Iron Gym" and the cardboard box that "The Iron Gym" came in. I think "The Iron Gym" is for doing sit-ups.
An IBM Thinkpad laptop.
A pair of Aviator-style sunglasses.
A chair
A blanket
A violin
A jar
A Bianchi San Jose fixed gear bicycle.

Kane said that he periodically purges himself of anything he feels is unnecessary. "If I don't think I'll need it in five years, I just throw it out."
<-- That is the sort of golden tidbit of wisdom that I expect to be flowing all over the place for the next month.

Kane has COMPLETELY thrown of the chains of materialism that enslave the rest of us. I think if he came home and I said "Kane, I burned all of your earthly possessions into a pile of ash." He would say "Dude... awesome."

So far, not much to report, after Saturday night, I didn't get to see Kane till this morning...but that was a blast.

Special Notice On Kane's Eating Habits:
Kane keeps a jar of raw milk("raw milk" is code for "squeezed into the jar straight out of the cow's udder and has a huge amount of gunk floating in it.") in the fridge which I have seen him actually drink.
Also, he eats sushi seaweed wrappers plain.
And he has a jar of Cod Liver Oil, which I thought was imaginary.

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