Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 8

The Biggest Sham In All History: Kane gets married on the 15th, not the 17th; I was wrong about the date. Why is this the biggest sham in history? because now Kane will live with me for two less days (17-15=2) than I previously thought.

The thing is, March 17th=St. Patrick's day and I thought it was kind of weird to get married then. But the wedding is in Texas, so I just figured people from Texas had no idea what St. Patrick's day was, just like people is South Boston probably have no idea what Cinco De Mayo is.

Update on cool things Kane has done at the house:
Cleaned the kitchen
Brought home some Guatemala Organic coffee that he roasted and it makes John Letoto's Guatemala look like Starbucks Breakfast Blend*.
Put up a couple cool signs.

A note of explanation: Beside the espresso machine we have a little jar with the word "Alms" on the front and we ask people to throw some money in to help cover the cost of espresso and other drink ingredients. But no one ever puts money in.

*(This is actually just a shameless attempt to get John Letoto to bring free samples of his own Guatemala to my house.)

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